Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sorry for the missing picture descriptions

in the Walgreen's Photo Silas W. Wade Group Room again this evening. I had went in to place an order and had no intentions of editing anything, when Shazam...everything was 'untitled' once again.

Anyway, I finally ran down an old copy (2001) of MicroSoft's Internet Explorer for the Macintosh before they quit producing it, and using that I was able to re-enter all the descriptions without losing them this time! So hopefully they'll stay with the related thumbnails this time, but j
ust to be sure I'm going to place the thumbnails into THIS message where they can't become 'untitled' so easily...

- Young Silas W. Wade

- Adaline P. (McKeehan) Wade

- Silas W. Wade Homeplace - 1895
(Behind Fence) Silas, Adaline, Ector, William, Nancy Jane, Iva Ree.

- Silas and Adaline Wade, and children.

- Wade Family - 1892
W.D. (holding Ulys) and Nancy Jane (holding Arthur)
(2nd row) Corda, Bertie, Ocea.

- Wade Family - 1905
Bertie (holding Leora), William D. Wade, Fred, Corda (holding Mildred)
(2nd row) Eva & Roy,
(3rd row) Arthur, Ocea, Ulys.

- W.D. Wade 1859 - 1935

- W.D. Wade Family - 1935
Iva Ree and James Herd, Roy, Ulys, Ocea, Arthur, Corda, W.D., Fred.

- W.D. Wade Family - 1960
Eva, Corda, Ocea, Ulys, Roy, Fred.

Lastly, for some better news now. I placed an order online at Walgreen's Photo for some pictures this evening and it was VERY easy.

You just select the photographs you want, choose the size & quantity, give them your Zipcode online to look up the nearest Walgreen's store and they'll have them ready in as soon as one hour for you to come by and pick up! (In fact, mine were ready in only 15mins!) Or, you can have them mailed to you if you don't live near a Walgreen's store. Best of all, if you elect to pick them up at the store you don't have to pay anything online, you just pay for them when you get to the store.

By the way, there's plenty of options that mix-n-match sizes like the Ultimate Value Pack for only $9.99 with 20-4x6's, 3-5x7's, 3-8x10's, and 20-Wallet sized pics. Simple, quick, and v-e-r-y efficient.

Hopefully others are looking through their old pictures and will either upload them to the Silas W. Wade Group Room -or- bring them along to the reunion so we can scan them into a digital format and get them online for other relatives to see as well!

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