Saturday, April 18, 2009


Camp Catlett, Tennessee
May 14, 1864

Dearly Beloved Wife,

It is a gratification to me to let you know that I received your kind letter of the 8th. of this month. I got it this morning and was happy to heare that you was still well. I got one at the same time from Brother Levi at Kingston of the same date and he was well.

I am in very good health though I am not quite as fleshy as I have ben but have not ben sick one hour in twelve months past. I hope these few lines will come to hand and find you and the children well. Our boys is most all well, there is some of them on the hurry order but nothing serious.

We had a dreadful storm here last Tuesday evening. It killed one man and wounded another and carried off a child not herd of since and blowed a train off the trestle at Nashville.

Louisa, I would give something if I could be there with you and go to Tranquility with you and the children tomorrow and hear old Brother Dugan preach. You mite think that I had been out here so long that I had got too bad to want to go to church but I hope I have not. If I was there I think I could go with you to church and enjoy myself very well and I hope I may live yet to meet with you at home again.

Louisa, tell James and Andrew that if I ever am so happy to come home I will bring them a knife. Tell Tennessee I will bring her something too and the baby also. I would love to see it one time.

Anyhow dear companion, though we are torn apart by disunion and war the dawn of day is coming. Time has ben that we could not heare nor see we was banished in darkness but thanks to God we can here converse with each other.

I esteam this great day and God only knows the joy it would give me to meet with my dear wife and little ones again. I think I would have to praise my God that he has been so merciful to me.

I will have to close, so give my Best Respects to all enquiring.

Your dear husband,

William D. Wade

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