Sunday, April 29, 2012


Grandpa’s old barn is the only original structure left standing on the homeplace. It sits on a small hill behind where the house once sat. But its days are now numbered as much of the metal roof has blown away leaving the wooden lathe and structural members exposed to the elements.

Geraldine has been in the nursing almost ten years and her brothers have all passed on, leaving no one to look after the upkeep of the once proud structure. Vultures can frequently be seen perched along the highest point of the barn, evidently on the lookout for any rodent that might venture out into the open.

The barn was constructed in the 1890’s not long after W D’s father Silas had an identical barn built on his place. Silas’ barn however, has fared much better. When Bowaters Paper Corporation purchased Silas’ place many years ago they began clearing the land to plant pine trees. Any buildings were put up for sale and removal.

Silas’ grandson Roy acquired the old barn and moved it down to his property just north of the intersection of McMinn County Roads 188 and 186. Following Dexter’s ownership the property was sold to a man who has enclosed the barn and it now is one of the better looking buildings in the community.

But back to Granpa’s place and realizing there is now little evidence of his former presence, Alan and I constructed a cover for the old well and carved his name into the cedar boards, W D WADE. I believe Grandpa would be proud.