Saturday, July 24, 2010


James Waide is the earliest Wade ancestor I have been positively able to identify. The James Waide family appears in the 1830 McMinn County Census living next to the Richard Spradling family. (The Waide homeplace is just north of and joins the Richard Spradling homeplace)

In the “Marriages of Albermarle County and Charlottesville, Virginia 1781-1929” by William L Norford, page 221, is listed the marriage of James Waide to Louisa Spradling on October 26, 1827. Just above this entry is listed the marriage of David Wade (possibly James’ younger brother) to Louisa Toms on May 9, 1827.

In the "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia" page 181, is listed Wade vs. Wade. S. 226; N. S. 80 Bill 1811. Bill by Rebecca (wife), Hamilton (son) and Elizabeth (daughter) regarding the estate of David Wade who died testate in Montgomery County, Virginia in 1803. Elizabeth is listed as being married indicating David Sr. would have to have been at least 35-40 years of age. John, William, James and David are listed as infants indicating Rebecca may have been David Sr.' second wife.

The David and Rebecca Wade family listed in the Virginia records is the only family I have found that fits the time line for our James Waide and includes James as an infant family member. It is interesting to note David Wade apparently died about age 40 and our James Waide died in 1842 thirty nine years later and about he same age as David Wade. Silas Wade later had two sons to die at age 19 and one at age 22 indicating there may have been a genetic connection.


HUSBAND: James Waide
BORN: ca. 1803 PLACE: Virginia
MARRIED: 10/26/1827 PLACE: Albemarle County, VA.
DIED: 1842 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
WIFE: Louisa Spradling
BORN: ca. 1808 PLACE: Virginia
DIED: 07/14/1897 PLACE: Unknown
FATHER: Richard Spradling, Sr.
MOTHER: Elizabeth Beaver
William D Wade (1)
BORN: 10/05/1828 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Louisa Wattenbarger 10/06/1853
DIED: 09/29/1872 McMinn County, TN.
Granville H Wade (2)
BORN: 03/24/1832 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Nancy Davis DATE: 1851
DIED: 08/10/1916 Rhea County, Tenn.
Silas W Wade (3)
BORN: 08/03/1834 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Adaline Parret McKeehan DATE: 12/17/1856
DIED: 07/19/1902 McMinn County, TN.
Malinda Wade (4)
BORN: Jan. 1837 McMinn County, Tenn.
MARRIED: Daniel J Carden 03/02/1862 Roane County, TN.
MARRIED: William C Wattenbarger 04/02/1866 Meigs Cty, TN.
DIED: ca. 1911 PLACE: Unknown
James P Wade (5)
BORN: 01/15/1840 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Sarah Jane Fields 08/25/1859 McMinn County, TN.
DIED: 01/23/1863 Murfeesboro, TN.