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Our ancestor James Wade married Louisa Spradling October 26, 1827, in Albermarle County, Virginia. The following year James and Louisa migrated to Tennessee with the Louisa’s parents and settled in northwest McMinn County, just south of Tranquility in community that would later become known as Chuck-A-Luck.
Five children would be born to James and Louisa before James died in 1842. The oldest child, William, had just turned fourteen. Granville was ten, Silas was eight, Malinda was five and the youngest, James P., was two years old.
On September 1, 1845, Louisa married Hyram Brandon, a minister of the gospel who helped organize Tranquility Church in 1848. In the 1860 census “Louesa” is shown living in Roane County with husband “Hyran” Brandon with four children ranging in age from thirteen to seven. “Lima” is also listed as being twenty-three years of age. “Lima” is evidently Linny by Louisa’s first husband, James Wade.
On November 1, 1862, we find William, Silas and James P. at Huntsville, Tennessee, enlisting in the Union Army. Granville would join his Spradling cousins and John Hart III in fighting with the 43rd Confederate Infantry, Company D.(To search the Soldiers & Sailors System database enter: Confederate; Tennessee; 43, Infantry, then click the resultant link that reads "Click here to search for soldiers in the unit.") John Hart III was also a cousin as Louisa’s sister, Mary Elizabeth Spradling, married John Hart II in 1834.
James P. would die and be buried at Murfreesboro. Malinda would lose her first husband, Daniel Carden, in the Battle of Chickamauga. Some years later Malinda would marry William C. Wattenbarger and move to Texas.
On September 24, 1864, William and Silas would be captured while defending the fort at Athens, Alabama. They were then sent to the infamous Cahaba Confederate Prison on the banks of the Alabama River where the conditions were horrible beyond belief.
In February of 1865, as part of a north-south prisoner exchange, Silas and William, along with 2400 other passengers, most of whom were Confederate prisoners, were put on board the ill fated Sultana steamer to be sent to Camp Chase, Ohio. The steamer exploded, burned and sank at 2:00 AM April 27, 1865, seven miles north of Memphis with a loss of most of those on board. It is the greatest loss of lives in a maritime disaster that has ever been recorded.
Silas and William were among the survivors, but were hospitalized in Memphis and eventually mustered out of the Union Army June 10, 1865. William was more seriously wounded than Silas and only lived until 1872. Silas suffered from deafness and was never again able to do hard labor. He died in 1902 and is also buried at Tranquility near his older brother William.
Silas and wife Adaline had seven children. Two sons would die at age nineteen and one son would die at age 22. Daughter Sarah would marry Leander Thomas. Daughter Martha Ellen would marry Thomas Owen and later move by herself to Texas with her five children about 1893, where she died a tragic death in a house fire. Daughter Iva Ree would marry James Herd and lived in Knoxville.
Silas and Adaline’s only surviving son, William Daniel, would marry Nancy Jane Owen, the daughter of Marshal and Caroline Owen, in 1880 and acquire property from his father-in-law in the Rogers Creek Community. W. D. and Nancy Jane are buried in the Tranquility Cemetery along with their oldest daughter, Bertie Caroline Wade Ellis.

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HUSBAND: William Daniel Wade
BORN: 02/27/1859 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: 02/05/1880 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
DIED: 09/26/1935 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
FATHER: Silas W Wade
MOTHER: Adaline Parret McKeehan
OTHER WIVES: Agusta Kelley
WIFE: Nancy Jane Owen
BORN: 03/22/1859 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
DIED: 08/18/1901 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
FATHER: Marshal C Owen
MOTHER: Caroline Thomas
Bertie Caroline Wade
BORN: 11/14/1880 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: George Blair Ellis 01/03/1904 McMinn County, TN.
DIED: 03/28/1922 McMinn County, TN.
Corda Adilou Wade
BORN: 06/24/1883
MARRIED: Thomas Henry McPhail DATE: 09/27/1903
DIED: May 1977 Hamilton County, TN.
Ocea Delra Wade
BORN: 12/13/1885 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Charlie G Hart 12/17/1905
DIED: 12/17/1981 Hamilton County, Tenn.
Arthur William Wade
BORN; 02/11/1888 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Mattie E. Small 04/04/1915
DIED: 01/19/1980 McMinn County, TN.
Ulys Samiel Wade
BORN: 07/21/1890 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Della Davis 12/24/1912
DIED: 12/08/1962 Hamilton County, TN.
John Roy Wade
BORN: 06/17/1893 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Gracie Neil Small 1914
DIED: 06/28/1978 Bradley County, TN.
Jennie Eveline Wade
BORN: 01/11/1896 McMinn County, Tenn.
MARRIED: Jackson Schultz 09/15/1919
DIED: 04/17/1978 McMinn County, TN.
Fred Silas Wade
BORN: 07/29/1898 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Maggie Lee Wattenbarger 06/26/1929
DIED: 02/20/1976 Monroe County, TN.



HUSBAND: Silas W Wade
BORN: 08/03/1834 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: 12/17/1856 PLACE: Samuel McKeehan's
DIED: 07/19/1902 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
FATHER: James Wade
MOTHER: Louisa Spradling
WIFE: Adaline Parret McKeehan
BORN: 01/15/1837 PLACE: Washington County, TN.
DIED: 07/20/1906 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
FATHER: Samuel McKeehan
MOTHER: Sarah "Sally" Wattenbarger
Sarah Wade (1)
BORN: 09/28/1857 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Leander Thomas 09/24/1873
DIED: 08/18/1920 McMinn County, Tenn.
William Daniel Wade (2)
BORN: 02/27/1859 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Nancy Jane Owen 02/05/1880 McMinn Cty, TN.
MARRIED: Agusta Kelley
DIED: 09/26/1935 McMinn County, TN.
Martha Ellen Wade (3)
BORN: 03/15/1861 McMinn County, Tenn.
MARRIED: Thomas Owen 11/29/1878
MARRIED: Oliver A Stanfield
DIED: ca. 1902 Ben Franklin, Texas
John Wesley Wade (4)
BORN: O5/26/1867 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Sallie Owen
DIED: 12/10/1889 McMinn County, Tenn.
Samuel Robert Wade (5) McMinn County, TN.
BORN: 10/31/1871
DIED: 06/12/1891 McMinn County, Tenn.
James Ector Wade (6) McMinn County, TN.
BORN: O5/21/1876
DIED: 06/24/1895 McMinn County, Tenn.
Iva Ree Wade (7)
BORN: 11/21/1881 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: James E Herd DATE: 12/08/1901
DIED: 07/19/1951 Knox County, TN.

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James Waide is the earliest Wade ancestor I have been positively able to identify. The James Waide family appears in the 1830 McMinn County Census living next to the Richard Spradling family. (The Waide homeplace is just north of and joins the Richard Spradling homeplace)

In the “Marriages of Albermarle County and Charlottesville, Virginia 1781-1929” by William L Norford, page 221, is listed the marriage of James Waide to Louisa Spradling on October 26, 1827. Just above this entry is listed the marriage of David Wade (possibly James’ younger brother) to Louisa Toms on May 9, 1827.

In the "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia" page 181, is listed Wade vs. Wade. S. 226; N. S. 80 Bill 1811. Bill by Rebecca (wife), Hamilton (son) and Elizabeth (daughter) regarding the estate of David Wade who died testate in Montgomery County, Virginia in 1803. Elizabeth is listed as being married indicating David Sr. would have to have been at least 35-40 years of age. John, William, James and David are listed as infants indicating Rebecca may have been David Sr.' second wife.

The David and Rebecca Wade family listed in the Virginia records is the only family I have found that fits the time line for our James Waide and includes James as an infant family member. It is interesting to note David Wade apparently died about age 40 and our James Waide died in 1842 thirty nine years later and about he same age as David Wade. Silas Wade later had two sons to die at age 19 and one at age 22 indicating there may have been a genetic connection.


HUSBAND: James Waide
BORN: ca. 1803 PLACE: Virginia
MARRIED: 10/26/1827 PLACE: Albemarle County, VA.
DIED: 1842 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
WIFE: Louisa Spradling
BORN: ca. 1808 PLACE: Virginia
DIED: 07/14/1897 PLACE: Unknown
FATHER: Richard Spradling, Sr.
MOTHER: Elizabeth Beaver
William D Wade (1)
BORN: 10/05/1828 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Louisa Wattenbarger 10/06/1853
DIED: 09/29/1872 McMinn County, TN.
Granville H Wade (2)
BORN: 03/24/1832 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Nancy Davis DATE: 1851
DIED: 08/10/1916 Rhea County, Tenn.
Silas W Wade (3)
BORN: 08/03/1834 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Adaline Parret McKeehan DATE: 12/17/1856
DIED: 07/19/1902 McMinn County, TN.
Malinda Wade (4)
BORN: Jan. 1837 McMinn County, Tenn.
MARRIED: Daniel J Carden 03/02/1862 Roane County, TN.
MARRIED: William C Wattenbarger 04/02/1866 Meigs Cty, TN.
DIED: ca. 1911 PLACE: Unknown
James P Wade (5)
BORN: 01/15/1840 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Sarah Jane Fields 08/25/1859 McMinn County, TN.
DIED: 01/23/1863 Murfeesboro, TN.

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Marvin and Samme Templin have compiled a book of historical information about Tranquillity Methodist Church in northwest McMinn County where they are members. They gleaned material from not only the church records and conference archives but public records as well. The diary of Samme’s aunt Emma Carpenter Stair, who was ninety eight when she passed away, was also a valuable source.

This is not the first venture into the past for Marvin and Samme. They previously compiled McMinn County Tennessee Cemeteries, which contains gravestone information from all of the known cemeteries in McMinn County along with information about each cemetery and its location.

The story of how Tranquillity and Buttrams methodist churches came to exist only one mile apart is somewhat vague. Most agree it resulted from a disagreement between brothers Hiel and Noah Buttram. The purchase of a pair of shoes has been passed down as the cause, but different sources do not relate the same story. An elderly resident was asked shortly before his death to provide the missing details, but he replied that it was best to let dead dogs lie.

“The Little White Church on the Hill” begins with a time line of church history starting with the organization of Tranquility in 1848. On the date of January 6, 1869, is this entry: “Rev. T.T. Salyer made a report that the quarterly meeting of the Decatur circuit that Tranquillity Church was held by the M.E. Church North, and that he found the doors locked and the windows nailed, upon the 17 day of December 1868, on arriving here to fill the appointment: since which he has made no further effort to preach, as our members have all gone to the M.E. Church North.”

Also included in the book is the unit and unit history for each Civil War veteran buried in the cemetery along with the dates of enlistment of those who served. It was an unusual situation in that while located in Confederate territory, most of the the people supported the Union. Jacob E. Sliger was the only one of the many Civil War veterans buried in the church cemetery who was Confederate.

The obituaries section contains many details of historical interest. In the obituary of William F. Carpenter, who fought with the Union, we find: “Mr. Carpenter’s company, were instrumental in saving Athens when the Southern army in an attack that was a complete surprise, swooped down upon the Yankees. But the company, ever on the alert, sought refuge in the courthouse, and at the county jail, and these two buildings saw service as forts. Soon the quiet hours gave way to the rumbling of cannon, the crackling of musketry, the rattling of sabers. for several days the Union forces were confined to the two buildings. Ammunition and food was just about exhausted. Then came the day to decide victory or defeat. The Union won, the enemy was driven back, and the city of Athens was saved in what history acknowledge to be one of the hardest fought battles of the section.”

Reports of the pastors and lay leaders give insight into church activities while the many pictures tell the story of the people. An impressive and interesting history all can be proud of.

To obtain a copy of the “The Little White Church on the Hill” you can contact Marvin and Samme at 423-746-1690 or on the internet. The price of the book is $30.00 plus shipping and the proceeds benefit the Tranquillity UMC Building Fund.

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The following letter was written from Thomas Owen in California to his brother-in-law, W. D. Wade, after he received word of his father Marshal C. Owen’s death. The letter is copied as it was written with question marks inserted where the word or letter was illegible.

The letter was found with the papers of W. D. Wade and the original given to Clayton Owen, grandson of Thomas Owen. W. D. Wade was the brother of Thomas’ wife Martha Ellen who was still living in Tennessee at the time this letter was written. She later took the five children and went to Texas with the children who never had contact with their father again. See Martha Ellen Wade Post for more details.

July 17, 1892
Mr. W. D. Wade

Dear Sir
I received yure letter the 16th instant and was glad to here from yo again but was sory and surprise to heare of him commiting seuisides I never had such a shock in my life. What kind of a shape is his buisness in had he made any will Will yu please write and let me no as soon as yo can and how long before it hast to be tended too I guess I will come back but did not aim to come back til this fal came Ayld ya did say anything about the children how they was getting along I fear Ellen has been on faithful I ant able to suport my own children much less some body elses and don't aim to either will please write me for has paw paid gran pa anything or not and let me no as soon as possible and tel grandpa I aim to pay him as soon as I can I am in East part of the State at what is known as dear creek hot springs I am taking baths for my leg but yo ? letters to Woodville and I will get them. I am able to go ? anytime please write as soon as you can find out how pa business has to be tended too and wheather there has to be a administrator estate appointed or not so I will close by asking you to excuse bad spelling and writing

Your most friendly,

Thomas Owen

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State of Tennessee
McMinn County:
An inquisition holden at M. C. Owens barn in the County of McMinn and the State of Tennessee, on the 30th day of June 1892, before John Hart J. P. for said County, upon the body of M. C. Owen, there lying dead; by the Jurors whose names are hereto subscribed, whereupon their oath do say that on the 30th day of June said M. C. Owen did come to his death by hanging to a rope, by the neck, put there by his own hands and by his own acts, came to his death. == In testimony whereof, the said Jurors, have hereunto set their hands; the day and date above written.
John Hart. J. P.
Holding Inquest

Jurors Names
W. S. Spradling
W. T. Kizer
W. T. Land
John Hart Sr,
J. W. Pikelsimes
J. B. Kimbrough
W. E. Barb

The reason for Marshal C. Owen taking his life at age 58 in the barn he constructed is a mystery. We do know his wife Caroline died some three years earlier, also at age 58. At the time of Marshals death his only son Thomas had moved to California leaving his family in Tennessee. Marshal’s daughter Angeline had been abandoned by her husband in Texas and was living back home with Marshal at the time of his death. Marshal was evidently lonely as it as been passed down he was spending considerable time up at the home of his daughter Nancy Jane Owen Wade prior to his death. His health could have been a factor.


HUSBAND: Marshal C Owen
BORN: 10/13/1833 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: 10/19/1854 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
DIED: 06/30/1892 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
FATHER: George P Owen
MOTHER: Elizabeth Davis
WIFE: Caroline Thomas
BORN: 10/19/1830 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
DIED: 02/19/1889 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
FATHER: Jonathan Thomas
MOTHER: Jane Carmack
Elizabeth Owen
BORN: 08/30/1855 McMinn county, TN.
DIED: 02/08/1867 McMinn County, TN.
Thomas Owen
BORN: 04/18/1857 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Martha Ellen Wade 11/29/1878
MARRIED: Susie Mary Davis 04/25/1903
DIED: 08/11/1937 Porterville, CA.
Nancy Jane Owen
BORN: 03/22/1859 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: William Daniel Wade 02/05/1880
DIED: 08/18/1901 McMinn County, TN.
Angeline Owen
BORN: 01/08/1861
MARRIED: William B Adams
MARRIED: John S Campbell
DIED: 1936 McMinn County, TN.
Harriet Owen
BORN: 01/22/1863 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Will Columbus Hughes
DIED: 08/02/1939 McMinn County, TN.
Mary Ann Owen
BORN: 02/09/1865 McMinn County, TN.
DIED: 02/23/1865 McMinn County, TN.
Louisa E Owen
BORN: 02/26/1867 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Samuel A Brickell
DIED: 12/22/1950 McMinn County, TN.