Friday, May 9, 2014

In rememberence of dad, Paul Wade

I just wanted to post this short video, which is a collection of pictures taken over the years throughout Paul Wade's life with farm scenes interspersed between them. 

While it's not one of our farms, it is very similar to them.  There's even one old windmill still standing in the Rogers Creek Valley, over on the Eddie Bohannon III farm.  Each time I ride past it on the bicycle and the wind is blowing, I can hear a bearing squeak that seems to cry out for lube.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tranquility Methodist Church (Athens, TN)

Paul Wade at 2012 Homecoming*

I stopped by last week to see Mary Ratledge so I could leave a donation for the Tranquility Methodist Church Cemetery Fund.  In the process of checking what dad had written about the church in the past, I came across the post entitled: THE LITTLE WHITE CHURCH ON THE HILL.  Noticing there was no picture of the church in that post, I managed to turn up a photograph I'd taken back in 2012, that even had dad in it!

Mary informed me that the following had made donations for the upkeep of the grounds there, in Paul's name:
Marvin and Samme Templin
Walter David Clarke
Eula Peavyhouse
Lula Herron Swann
Kenneth and Linda Clarke
Bradley Health Care
Tranquility Methodist Church always held a special place in dad's heart.  After all, he was able to frequent the same church where his own Great-Great Grandfather had sat and listened to sermons from the pulpit.  I myself have been to the church, in which my Great-Great-Great Grandfather James Wade attended during his lifetime.

In these modern times when people are so busy running to and fro, and so very few buildings even remain from over 100 years's actually quite a treat to be able to frequent the church of your own ancestors.  I'm sure dad is pleased with the contributions to the Tranquility Methodist Church and I myself hope it stands for several more generations to come.

If any others are interested in helping The Little White Church on the Hill, contributions may be made to Tranquility Methodist Church, c/o Mary Ratledge, 433 County Rd. 218, Athens, TN 37303-7855

*Homecoming for Tranquility Methodist Church will be on May 18th this year.