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The following letter was written from Thomas Owen in California to his brother-in-law, W. D. Wade, after he received word of his father Marshal C. Owen’s death. The letter is copied as it was written with question marks inserted where the word or letter was illegible.

The letter was found with the papers of W. D. Wade and the original given to Clayton Owen, grandson of Thomas Owen. W. D. Wade was the brother of Thomas’ wife Martha Ellen who was still living in Tennessee at the time this letter was written. She later took the five children and went to Texas with the children who never had contact with their father again. See Martha Ellen Wade Post for more details.

July 17, 1892
Mr. W. D. Wade

Dear Sir
I received yure letter the 16th instant and was glad to here from yo again but was sory and surprise to heare of him commiting seuisides I never had such a shock in my life. What kind of a shape is his buisness in had he made any will Will yu please write and let me no as soon as yo can and how long before it hast to be tended too I guess I will come back but did not aim to come back til this fal came Ayld ya did say anything about the children how they was getting along I fear Ellen has been on faithful I ant able to suport my own children much less some body elses and don't aim to either will please write me for has paw paid gran pa anything or not and let me no as soon as possible and tel grandpa I aim to pay him as soon as I can I am in East part of the State at what is known as dear creek hot springs I am taking baths for my leg but yo ? letters to Woodville and I will get them. I am able to go ? anytime please write as soon as you can find out how pa business has to be tended too and wheather there has to be a administrator estate appointed or not so I will close by asking you to excuse bad spelling and writing

Your most friendly,

Thomas Owen

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