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State of Tennessee
McMinn County:
An inquisition holden at M. C. Owens barn in the County of McMinn and the State of Tennessee, on the 30th day of June 1892, before John Hart J. P. for said County, upon the body of M. C. Owen, there lying dead; by the Jurors whose names are hereto subscribed, whereupon their oath do say that on the 30th day of June said M. C. Owen did come to his death by hanging to a rope, by the neck, put there by his own hands and by his own acts, came to his death. == In testimony whereof, the said Jurors, have hereunto set their hands; the day and date above written.
John Hart. J. P.
Holding Inquest

Jurors Names
W. S. Spradling
W. T. Kizer
W. T. Land
John Hart Sr,
J. W. Pikelsimes
J. B. Kimbrough
W. E. Barb

The reason for Marshal C. Owen taking his life at age 58 in the barn he constructed is a mystery. We do know his wife Caroline died some three years earlier, also at age 58. At the time of Marshals death his only son Thomas had moved to California leaving his family in Tennessee. Marshal’s daughter Angeline had been abandoned by her husband in Texas and was living back home with Marshal at the time of his death. Marshal was evidently lonely as it as been passed down he was spending considerable time up at the home of his daughter Nancy Jane Owen Wade prior to his death. His health could have been a factor.


HUSBAND: Marshal C Owen
BORN: 10/13/1833 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: 10/19/1854 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
DIED: 06/30/1892 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
FATHER: George P Owen
MOTHER: Elizabeth Davis
WIFE: Caroline Thomas
BORN: 10/19/1830 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
DIED: 02/19/1889 PLACE: McMinn County, TN.
FATHER: Jonathan Thomas
MOTHER: Jane Carmack
Elizabeth Owen
BORN: 08/30/1855 McMinn county, TN.
DIED: 02/08/1867 McMinn County, TN.
Thomas Owen
BORN: 04/18/1857 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Martha Ellen Wade 11/29/1878
MARRIED: Susie Mary Davis 04/25/1903
DIED: 08/11/1937 Porterville, CA.
Nancy Jane Owen
BORN: 03/22/1859 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: William Daniel Wade 02/05/1880
DIED: 08/18/1901 McMinn County, TN.
Angeline Owen
BORN: 01/08/1861
MARRIED: William B Adams
MARRIED: John S Campbell
DIED: 1936 McMinn County, TN.
Harriet Owen
BORN: 01/22/1863 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Will Columbus Hughes
DIED: 08/02/1939 McMinn County, TN.
Mary Ann Owen
BORN: 02/09/1865 McMinn County, TN.
DIED: 02/23/1865 McMinn County, TN.
Louisa E Owen
BORN: 02/26/1867 McMinn County, TN.
MARRIED: Samuel A Brickell
DIED: 12/22/1950 McMinn County, TN.

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