Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Federal Military Records...

I tripped across the information directly below at the Federal Military Rosters website. As noted in dad's post entitled WANTED (dated April 13, 2009 ), William, Silas, and James traveled to Huntsville, Tennessee to join the 3rd Tennessee Union Cavalry Regiment, Company C. Per the record below, they joined up on November 1, 1862...

I couldn't find James Wade at first, but he appeared on a separate page of the website.

I also found Granville H. Wade (as well as John Hart III and John L. Spralding) listed under Company D of the 43rd Regiment Tennessee Volunteers of the Confederate States Army.(Note: There appears to be a misprint stating Granville H. Granville rather than Granville H. Wade, since the names are all listed in alphabetical order.) The 43rd Regiment of the Confederate States Army was also called 5th Tennessee Volunteer Regiment and 43rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry. There's more information at Tennesseans in the Civil War webpage about the 43rd Regiment, and a pretty good synopsis of their actions during the war.

Interesting how one can turn up information such as this on the web, almost 150 years after it actually happened!

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