Monday, April 13, 2009

Silas Wade Photo Group Room - Now Open

The old photographs I got from dad last week of Silas & Adaline (McKeehan) Wade, along with several pictures of their children & their families, I have now managed to get uploaded into a Group Room on the Walgreen’s Photo website.

In order to gain access into the Group Room containing the photo album of Silas and his family, you will have to be invited in by via an email per Walgreen's. For all the email addresses I’m presently aware of (see database), I have already sent out an invitation to those relatives.

However, if I don’t have your email in the database yet, then use the CONTACT US HERE form (on the right side of this webpage) to send me your name/email and I’ll be happy to send you an invite!

At this point, users should be able to visit the Walgreen's Photo website and choose any pictures they would like to have a hard copy made of, in the exact size and quantity they prefer.(i.e. 5x7, 8x10, etc) Or if you prefer just a digital copy of the images, you can download them for FREE from the Walgreen’s Photo website as well.

Lastly, I'm sure we're not the only ones with some pictures of our ancestors. That being the case, PLEASE check through your own photographs and see if there's some you would like to upload and share with everyone. If you have a scanner, you can upload any digital images of Silas Wade’s relatives or descendants into the Photo Album in the Group Room yourself!

If you don't have a digital scanner, I will have one available for use at the reunion. It functions sort of like a copying-machine, but it can save any image you lay upon it into a digital file that can then be emailed, uploaded or shared over the internet in a variety of ways.

So dig out that old shoebox or cigar box you have all those really old pictures in and start looking through it! If you don't know who some of the people are in the pictures, you'll never find a better time than at the reunion to ask others who they might be.

Lastly, later on tonight I will be going back into Silas Wade’s Photo Album and adding comments as to who’s who in each photograph.

UPDATE: Sorry if some photos didn't have captions when you looked at them this evening, but there seems to be a bug in the Walgreen's website that erases all-current-comments whenever you upload a NEW photo to an album. So, I ended up re-typing all the comments several times before I figured out what was happening. For now, hopefully they'll stick!

I contacted Walgreen's about this and they responded, saying in part...

We apologize for the problems you encountered while trying to
use our online Photo Center. Our website works best with a PC
using Internet Explorer. We are aware that Mozilla FireFox,
Safari browsers & browsers in Beta testing, as well as some Mac
users, are not able to use all of the features on the website.
We hope to have these features available in the future.

I use a Macintosh (Mac MINI) Computer and have never encountered a problem like this before on the internet. So at least they're aware of the problem, but just not sure when they'll have things fixed and in correct working order.

Stay tuned for more posts and updates this week…

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