Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Original Flyers Mailed Out, are Now Online

We mailed out a set of flyers on March 30, 2009 to the addresses of Silas Wade's family we were aware of in order to spread the word about the upcoming reunion of many of his descendants.

I took the time to scan those pages in and then created a PDF file of them which anyone can download if they didn't get a letter in the mail and are interested in seeing what we mailed out.

The Mailing.pdf file can now be downloaded by simply clicking here on Mailing. Be aware the file is 9mb in size, so if you're on dial-up it will take about 45mins to download it, cable & broadband folks though...just a matter of seconds.

In a letter of the Fall of 2008, in part my dad wrote...


When my dad and your grandfather were alive, it was a family tradition to return to Tranquillity the third Sunday of each May for the annual church homecoming.

I recently learned of the Howard Ellis Jr. family's plans to be there next year in 2009 and thought others might like to attend also. Howard Sr. would have been one hundred years old next year. The fact that W. D. Wade would have been 150 years old makes it somewhat of a special occasion. Add to that the fact that his father Silas would have been 175 years old and we have even more of a special occasion.

My records indicate there are thirteen of Silas' great grandchildren still living...and of course there are many gg grandchildren including yourself and even more ggg grandchildren.

We have a very interesting family history, which hopefully can be preserved. The annual Tranquillity Homecoming, observed the third Sunday of each May, could be a time those who are interested could come together in memory of Silas and others who have gone before. Not many have the opportunity to sit in the same church where their ancestor sat with his brothers before going off to fight in the Civil War.

So there you have a little more history of why this year is so special and we hope the reunion is a gathering you can certainly make!

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