Sunday, December 4, 2011


John Dennis’ Civil War Experience
(From his 1922 CW Questionnaire)

First encounter was a bush whacking battle in North Carolina mts. then back to Greenville and joined the rigment (regiment) at Charleston, Tenn. and then went from there to Abigton, va. and from there to Crossie Wood, va. then crossed clinch river and went up Bid Sandie to mount Sturling Ky. then to mount varon? Ky. and then to George town, Ky then to Frankfort, Ky. and eleced a military governor was in Ky in time of the Par_lle battle and had to fall back and to food we had to eat burnt pumkin roasted on a log heap and parched corn and a little beaf or pore cow meat them come out of Ky com out by landcaster and by lundon and then to lenore station, Tenn, and then to Kingston, Tenn. and then back to Lenore from there to Dalton, Ga. from there to Maryeta Ga. then to Atlanter Ga. then to West Point Ga. then to Mobeal, Ala. then crossed the mobeal Bay from there to moradian Miss. then to Mespsisil then to Jackson Miss. then to Vixburg Miss the first day of January 1863 and on Jan 16 went into battle of Big Black and had to fall back and to fall back in inside the ditches by Vixburg and then it was one continual ____ of guns and canon 47 day and nights our rations was just one little bisket a day are the same amount of pea or rice bread and a little cow meat that was so pore that they coulnt git up when we eat up all the pore cows we then begin on the sore packed mules I never was in the hospitel I had dire for months after the war I didn’t suffer with cold for want of clothes for I took them from home. my field offercers was all very good to we we was surendered the 4 day of July 1863 and was never abel for duty any more. John Dennis , Co. D, 43 R. Tenn.

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