Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank you from Renea Wright Kappler - Amarillo, TX

I am Renea Wright Kappler, daughter of Reta Hudson Wright (1934) and Harold Levern Wright (1931 – 2003); son of Obie Wright and Thelma Johnson Wright (1905 – 1981); daughter of Joseph E. Johnson (1874 – 1939) and Ada Caroline Owen Johnson (1885 – 1981); daughter of Thomas Owen (1857 – 1937) and Martha Ellen Wade Owen (1861 – 1902); daughter of Adaline Parret McKeehan (1837 – 1906) and Silas W. Wade (1834 – 1902), son of James Wade (1803 – 1842) and Louisa Spradling Wade Brandon (1908 – 1897), daughter of Richard Spradling, Sr. (1775 – 1870) and Elizabeth Beaver Spradling (1807 – 1887).

Thomas Owen (1857 – 1937), son of Caroline Thomas (1830 – 1889) and Marshal C. Owen (1833 – 1892); son of Elizabeth Davis (1807 – 1887) and George P Owen (1808 – 1895). Caroline Thomas was the daughter of Jonathan Thomas (1800 – 1864), son of Jacob Thomas, II (1752 – 1824) and Louisa Shultz (1758 – 1822); and Jane Carmack (1798 – 1883), daughter of John Carmack.

Adaline Parret McKeehan (1837 – 1906) – daughter of Samuel McKeehan (1807 – 1889) and Sarah “Sally” Wattenbarger (1809 – 1877); daughter of John Adam Weurtemberger, Jr. (1760 – 1825) and Elizabeth Ferntzeler.

Whew! And I FINALLY understand how I fit into this wonderful family!!!

My first visit to Tennessee in September 2000 was incredible. Names were a blur, but love was all around me and I quickly fell in love with all my extended cousins that I never knew existed! It was only by the Grace of God that the lost “Texas Connection” found its way home to the gorgeous hills of Tennessee. I will be forever grateful to Paul Wade and the thousands of hours he has worked tirelessly on our family tree. I have come to admire, respect and love this gentle man. His family is an extension of his love and dedication.

I also want to thank Larry and Jerry Gayler, my 2nd cousins, who also spent untold hours researching our family history and heritage. Without their diligent pursuit, we may have never found these wonderful Tennessee family members.

Thank you for the May 2009 Reunion that, along with the bonds with certain family members cemented and memories burned forever in my mind’s eye, was another highlight in my life. I’m thrilled to know more about the Sultana and the truly amazing fact that these 2 Wade brothers lived to tell about their ordeal. Singing the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” on the sloping graveyard in honor of my Great-Great-Great Grandfather, Silas Wade and his brother Thomas, sent chills down my spine and tears welling in my eyes. They truly gave their all for their country and families.

I hope to see you all again some time, but if I never have the opportunity to return to Tennessee or see my precious family members again, you have each touched my heart in ways you will never know. I love you all and thank you for welcoming us – your long lost family members – with loving, open arms.
God Bless you!!! Renea


  1. Great Job Renea! Hopefully others searching for their relatives in time will trip across your post above (Thanxx to the Web-Spiders crawling our site and reporting it's content back to the search engines) and find out more about their ancestors.

  2. Renea, please contact me about Paul Wade. I've tried to reach you.

  3. Cheryl, I'm Renea Miller now, thank goodness, and I just saw your request above. I sent you an email and hopefully you will receive it.

    Love you, sweet Cuz! Renea